Crystal Mind - For Optimum Brain Health and Function

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Crystal Mind is the first product to provide natural Hi-Omega EPA to DHA with added magnesium and Zinc. Natural Hi-EPA Omega-3 with Omega-6-GLA, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Magnesium And Zinc. The Rubin report released from Norway in October 2010, which released the results of the Totox test for oxidation, showed that Crystal Mind passed the test, while many other fish oils failed. The Totox test is a test for oxidation and rancidity in the oils. Further proof of the safety and quality of Crystal Mind compared to other oils. Crystal Mind oils are the purest and most natural oils ever produced, which maintain the triglycerides in their natural, original state.


EPA-rich Omega 3 with Omega 6, vitamins and minerals. A highly concentrated mix of essential fatty acids in its natural triglyceride form, and unlike other other oils - not chemically altered. Unlike other concentrated and “natural” oils, the Omega-3-EPA and Omega-3-DHA are in their natural positions which gives a higher bioavailability and better absorption by the body – and the brain. As our boidies are unable to produce these essential fatty acids, we must consume them. Crystal Mind provides the purest form of these essential fatty acids ever produced, and is also enhanced with the addition of Magnesium, Zinc, Folic Acid, and Vitamins B6 and B12.

Crystal Mind™ is a new and innovative product, especially developed for taking care of cognitive functions. Developed in co-operation with leading experts and international scientists, Crystal Mind™ is a ground-breaking product for optimal brain function for people of all ages. Crystal Mind provides oils of extremely high bioavailability, natural high in Omega-3-EPA – the brain’s most important fatty acids for its normal day to day functions. It is enhanced with synergistic vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acids, zinc and magnesium, as well as the right ratio of omega-6 fatty acids. All these important nutritional elements will assist in optimal cognitive functions for everybody from 3 years of age and upwards, and makes Crystal Mind™ a superior choice for optimum brain health.

In order for our brain cells to have optimal function, it requires a daily optimal supply of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, in the right combination – every single day. From the age of 3 and upwards, it is the omega-3 fatty acid EPA which is proven to be the most beneficial on a day-to-day basis. Unlike most other fish oils which are chemically altered triglycerides or synthetic ethyl esters, Crystal Mind™ is truly pure which provides a much higher bio-availability and much better absorption by the body and the brain. It is also the only product to provide natural Hi-Omega EPA to DHA with added Zinc and Magnesium. Polyunsaturated fatty acids make up about 20% of our brain’s dry weight, and play a crucial role in brain structure and function. Crystal Mind™ has the scientifically correct ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and Omega 6 fatty acid GLA. A relationship that research has shown is vital for our brain’s optimum health.

Crystal Mind™

A formulation of omega-3 and omega-6 oils optimal for brain function and structure, comprising fractionated Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and Docosahexanoic (DHA) Acids, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), zinc, magnesium and antioxidants, delivered in a 500-mg opaque oval capsule.


  • Fatty Acid Prole (per 500-mg capsule)
  • 20:5n-3 - EPA >90-mg
  • 22:6n-3 - DHA >30-mg
  • 18:3n-6 - GLA >20-mg

Vitamins and Minerals (by input per 500-mg capsule)

  • Magnesium >13.3-mg
  • Zinc > 0.8-mg
  • Folic Acid >16.7-mg
  • Vitamin B6 > 0.7-mg
  • Vitamin B12 >1ìg
  • Qualitative Prole
  • Peroxide Value <5
  • Anisidine Value <15

This product complies with all EC and WHO legislation guidelines controlling contaminants in foodstuffs.

Crystal Oils: Omega Oil Concentrates as Nature intended

Crystal Oil Technology™ is the only Omega Oil concentration process that can truly be described as natural. Produced at the world’s only plant that uses advanced Crystallisation methods to enrich all omega-3 and omega-6 oils, be they, botanical, marine or algal. The unique process, technically known as low temperature fractionation, is gentle and sympathetic to the particular characteristics of long-chain fatty acids. Crystal Oils™deliver enriched oils that are pure, potent and natural: perfectly suited for use in foods or quality nutritional supplements.

Crystal Oils are:

  • Highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids formulated using a new and unique production methods and technology giving superior bioavailability.
  • A highly concentrated mix of essential fatty acids in its natural triglyceride form, not chemically altered triglycerides.
  • Unlike other concentrated and “natural” oils, the omega-3-EPA and omega-3-DHA are in their natural positions which give a higher bioavailability and better absorption by the body – and the brain. 
  • The body may then utilize, benefit and absorb the important omega-fatty acids, and you may use a lower daily dose and experience a better effect, something that has not been possible before.
  • Have a higher ratio of the beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids, and a reduced ratio of unwanted mono - and saturated fatty acids.
  • Extremely stable fatty acids.


10 Advantages of Crystal Oils:



1. Natural: Crystal Oils are truly natural, as the process gives us the ability to physically extract the most polyunsaturated (PUFA) fraction of a feedstock. So the fatty acids are not broken down, or converted into a synthetic form.


2. Potent: Crystal Oils™ allows us to convert a feedstock into ~50% total omega-3 PUFA in fish oils, and up to ~70% PUFA in some botanicals. The natural triglyceride form is the most bio-available, and so we are offering the most active elements of an oil by filtering out any omega-3 that resides in less potent fractions


3. Pure: All Crystal Oils™ are certified as being clean of any environmental toxins, as stipulated by the EU and WHO. No harsh chemicals or additives, which can leave unwanted residues is being used.


4. Stable: Crystal Oils™ 100% triglyceride form means it does not have residual mono-or diglyceridefatty acids, which are more unstable. Crystal Oils have a similar stability profile to natural feedstock, and respond well to deodorisationand other methods to make them palatable and odourless.


5. Certified Quality: Crystal Oils™ are pharmaceutical-grade as all output from our plant in Scotland has been certified as cGMPby the UK’s regulatory agency, the MHRA.


6. Health-enhancing: Crystal Oils™ enhances the benefits of taking omega oils by taking out unwanted saturated fats, so you get maximum health advantages.


7. Consistent: Crystal Oils™ delivers batch-to-batch consistency, overcoming the great variations that can be seen with natural feedstocks, and giving certainty to on-pack specifications.


8. Accepted: All markets in the world categorise Crystal Oils™ as natural, and there are no obstacles to market entry in the food and OTC sectors.


9. Cost Effective: Crystal Oils™ offers price advantages over most other competitive methods of concentrating triglycerides, which typically involve more processing steps.


10. Focused: Crystal Oils™ allows natural enrichment of any omega oil feedstock, so we can offer oils that are rich in specficfatty acids, such as EPA, DHA or GLA.






Magnesium plays a vital role in neuro-chemical transmission and its deficiency has been related to a number of disorders of the central nervous system. It is also crucial in many functions of cell metabolism. It is reported that dietary factors can play a significant role in the etiology of mental health, and magnesium deficiency can help in revealing hyperactivity in children. It is documented that the average concentration of magnesium in children with ADHD is lower compared with children without the syndrome. In one study of 116 children with ADHD, 95% were magnesium deficient. In other studies, children with ADHD were randomly assigned to receive magnesium supplements in addition to standard treatment or standard treatment alone. Those who received the magnesium demonstrated a significant improvement in behavior compared to those who did not.




Zinc deficiency is associated with problems of neurophyscological performance from early development and throughout adulthood. Zinc is an important factor in the metabolism of neurotransmitters, prostaglandins and for maintaining brain structure and function. Deficiency in Zinc has, in several studies, been found in children and adults with ADHD. Published research has found Zinc supplementation to decrease the prevalence of children with clinically significant scores for attention deficiency and hyperactivity, and that Zinc was significantly superior to placebo in reducing symptoms of hyperactivity.